Air Pollution: The current scenario

According to the, Kathmandu ranks 5th in the World Pollution Index 2017. The severity of the pollution remains unabated as residents of “Dhulomandu” keep adding layers of scarves and masks for protection. The dusty air highly concentrated with the harmful Particulate Matter has aggravated the issue of quality of life and health in general. With this context, a number of hair problems including hair fall, hair damage, and hair loss have become eminent. So how do you battle this? What is the ultimate hair loss solution against hair fall?

How does Air Pollution affect your hair?

The adverse effects of air pollution on our health and skin are well-known. However, with extensive research and study, scientists have put forward surprising facts on how the coast of healthy hair is not that clear against pollution. Air pollution can take a significant toll on your scalp and hair. In day-to-day life, we take many protective steps to safeguard our skin. Our hair, on the contrary, is left unprotected. The harmful, minute particles build up on your tissues over time giving way to unnecessary hair problems. Some of the major side-effects are:

1) Rough Texture

The pollutants draw the moisture out of hair making it dry and frizzy. It affects the Keratin of hair and can lead to thinning and breakage of hair. The general appearance also gets dull and rough.

2) Scalp Diseases

The dry, itchy and irritated scalp is a common side-effect of air pollution. The skin on your hair is sensitive, and if dirt and dust build upon it, it could lead to a dry and infected scalp. Dandruff could also become eminent. Sometimes, depending upon the toxicity of air, some skin diseases could also arise.

3) Premature Baldness

Since the air pollutants target both hair strands and roots,  the existing hair becomes susceptible to falling out. Furthermore, it also hinders the growth of healthy hair. In some cases, the hair loss is permanent and balding could start at an early age.

Fighting the battle: Prevention, Cure, and Protection

Dense, luscious hair is everyone’s dream hair. Although the blinding dusty roads make it look like an impossible journey in normal working life, with a few tips and tricks, it’s not that hard. Here are some hair care tips to maintain healthy tresses.

1) Cleanse

Pollution means a lot of dirt and most of which is potentially toxic. The longer you let it sit on you, the more damage you are inviting. Keeping clean roots is a big step towards healthy hair. Use mild hair cleansers to clean your hair without causing further damage.

2) Hydrate

Conditioner should become a compulsory part of your hair care routine. Avoid products like Sulfates, Paraben, and Polyethylene Glycol in your hair care products. The pollutants draw moisture from your hair so it’s important to provide moisture externally and internally. Drink plenty of water and juicy foods throughout the day. Beans, whole grains, meat, nuts, leafy vegetables, and fish are great for your hair.  

3) Protect

Since your hair is already suffering from damages due to air pollution, it’s crucial to prevent any other harmful factors. Avoid hairstyles that need excess heat applied to your hair. ‘Heavy’ is one more term you should stay away from. Heavy styling gels, hair sprays, mousses attract more dirt to your hair. Always use scarves, hats, and umbrellas to protect your hair from sun and pollution.

4) Medical Counsel

In some cases, the damage to your hair from pollution can be extreme. There might be severe damages to your scalp. Or you might notice serious hair loss and damage. In that case, it’s better to get proper medical advice. Consult a dermatologist, or visit a good hair transplant center. Now you don’t have to worry about anything as great doctors, equipment, and services like anti-hair loss therapy and hair transplant in Nepal have become of great standards.

Follow these tips and maintain a healthy, ravish hair that you’ll love to flaunt every day. Beat your fight against the pollution, and emerge with flying colors, not dust! 

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