Are you tired of hair fall? Do You want a Permanent Solution?

Have You Considered a Hair Transplant? Having confusion about whether it is a viable option or not?

Let us guide you through your confusions and maybe you will be convinced to get a hair transplant for yourself.  

Here are 5 main reasons why you should opt for hair transplant:

  1. Permanent and Natural Solution

Hairfall is one of the common problems experienced by men and women alike. The signs of hair fall may start in the early twenties and become dominant afterward. Male Pattern Baldness is the major cause of the issue and can be dealt with. There are medications that prevent the hair follicles from damaging and help in regrowing. However, these solutions are not permanent and have considerable effect only when you are consuming it on a regular basis.

Hair Transplant is the Permanent Solution to your hair fall problems. Hair Transplant transfers the hair follicle and scalp from a healthy region to the bald region. Once the transfer is made, the hair grows naturally like the non-transplanted hair.

  1. Sophisticated Technology

The advancement in hair transplant technology has made it more reliable, efficient and patient-friendly.

The conventional techniques used in hair transplant include FUT where the entire scalp of skin is transferred. A more detailed and improved method is  FUE where individual grafts of hair are taken from the healthy area, stored and transferred to the balding region. Even further improvement in the technology is the Direct Hair Transplant(DHT) which harvests and transfer graft simultaneously within minutes, without storing.

The Overall Transplantation Process is Fast, within a short period (3-9 months) for optimum results. The time goes in detailing and doing the transfer in a manner that brings minimum scarring and maximum growth. Furthermore, the use of the chemical is only limited to the anesthetics which means no side effect for your scalp, hair or skin.

  1. One Time Cost

Hair Transplant uses a sophisticated technology with the need for attention to detail by the doctors. This increases the cost of the process.  But, it is worth the dime.

The High Cost is a one-time payment with minimal expense to manage your hair thereafter. A good hair transplant needs to be done only once, this avoids the recurrent cost of spaced therapy sessions and regular medications.  This is not only easy for the pocket but also decreases the hassle you have to maintain your hair.

Nepal has also seen an improvement and increase in the hair transplant process. Competent and Skilled doctors are involved in the process. A good number of clinics provide excellent service.

  1. Boost Your Self Confidence 

Balding is a common problem, not just because your hair falls but also because it affects your personality. Most of the time, a receding hairline or balding hair stops a person from being the best version of ourselves. Even if a person has owned up the baldness, the majority of people who opt for hair transplant feel more vibrant in living and confident at what they do.

When you look good, you feel good, this sets up the environment for you to do things you like  So, Stop Worrying about hair falls, Save Your Energy for better things and Invest in getting an aesthetic hairline. To improve your personal image is one of the

  1. Minimal Side Effect

  • The Surgical process does not require to cut through the scalp of the head, thus no visible scarring
  • The process is relatively painless with a sensation of a prick for just the first few minutes.
  • The care for the hair after the transplant is simple and is just like natural hair.

For a normal person with good healthy habits, the procedure works fine. The cases of failure are rare.

But be cautious. Not every hair transplants can deliver you the result wanted. This is mostly because the clinics opt for technicians rather than doctors. Folliderm has a highly professional and skilled team of doctors who are experienced in their craft both technically and artistically.

Check out Hair Transplant in Nepal to know about the service that we provide at Folliderm.