Tired of all the temporary waxing & shaving routines? There’s now a solution that’s best for your skin, time, and pockets. It’s unlikely that you have not heard of Laser Hair Removal in Nepal by now. In this blog, we will try to clear all doubts, queries, and misconceptions that you might have so you can make an independent, well-informed decision. 

About Laser Hair Removal

If you want to get rid of unwanted body hair in a quick, easy process- laser treatments are the perfect option for you. They’re speedy, precise, works for whole body parts. and permanent (if done from right from expert technicians). 

Many people have unwanted hair. It’s common on the upper lip, chin, cheeks, back, legs, bikini line fingers, feet, and toes. Laser hair removal is the process of hair removal by means of exposure to laser light. The way it works is by destroying hair from the roots itself, inhibiting the hair’s ability to grow without disrupting or damaging the skin’s surface. The laser is attracted to the hair’s pigment making it a highly accurate and comfortable hair removal method.


This is also one of the major benefits that Laser Hair Removal offers. Where other methods remove hair only from the surface, laser targets hair roots making this permanent and convenient.  

Traditionally, laser hair removal worked only on fair skin. The reason is that laser removal worked by targeting the hair roots and destroying them. The laser identified hair roots from the darker pigment in hair, so it would be harder to differentiate hair roots in darker skin types. With the outdated technique, the laser would not precisely target the roots due to the presence of melanin (found in brown/tanned skin). However, with the advancement in technology, the precision and accuracy of laser machines have increased exponentially providing amazing results on all types of skin as well as hair.

Laser hair removal in Nepal has become popular because of its speed and efficacy. However, the efficiency is dependent upon the skill and experience of the laser operator, and the choice and availability of different laser technologies used for the procedure.

Optimal Process of Laser Hair Removal

Pre-TreatmentFirst, your skin and hair type will be assessed through consultation and tests. Once that is assessed, a certain laser type will be recommended for you. The consultation will also determine how many sessions you might need to remove it completely. 

Before conducting laser, hair needs to have grown on your body. So, waxing or epilating is not suggested before your session. Generally, shaving is suggested one day before the treatment. 


Once the hairs have grown to an optimum length, the treatment begins.  A numbing cream is generally used on the skin to avoid any pain. Some gels are also applied to protect the outer layer of the skin. The Laser Machine is then adjusted to match your skin type, and the process of targeting hair follicles to remove them is begun.

Nowadays, lasers use a wide beam which allows the removal of multiple hair follicles at the same time. This has drastically reduced the time required for laser treatment. 


Ice Packs and other soothing gels can be provided after the treatment to help protect the skin better. Generally. multiple sessions conducted within a span of 6 months is required to get rid of all hair permanently and ensure no hair regrowth. 

The reason that multiple sessions are required is that our hair is in a continuous growth cycle. This means that some hairs are naturally falling out every time. So to ensure every hair is targeted, multiple laser sessions are done to catch hair removal in all phases. 

 You will be advised to avoid direct sun, exposure to chemicals, and swimming right after laser to get the best results as the skin will be slightly sensitive after the treatment. A personalized post-treatment plan is provided to you. A good follow up ensures the best results of Laser Hair Removal. 

Due to the different precautions involved during, before, and after treatment, winter is also considered to be a great time for Laser Hair removal. To know more about why winter is also known as the Laser season, read the best time for laser hair removal.

Current Scenario of Laser Hair Removal in Nepal

Laser Hair Removal in Nepal has become extremely popular in Nepal, and many women including various celebrities have switched to this method. The reason is because of the ease and comfort it offers due to the advancement in technology. 

These days, powerful laser machines are available which work quickly providing smooth skin. The advanced machines also work on all skin types and hair types including tanned or brown skin, and thin or fine hair. 

You will easily find many skincare centers providing Laser Hair Removal in Nepal. However, this does not mean that all those centers provide the best treatment. Although the quality of lasers in Nepal has been improving, there are only a handful that provides the top-class treatment.

That’s why we advise you to do a good amount of research before making your decision. Here are some things we advise before choosing a good laser hair removal center in Nepal:

  • Reputation: Check about the reputation of the center. What do other people say about the clinic?
  • Machine: Find out the Laser Machine that will be used. Is it high quality and internationally recommended
  • Clients:  Look out for Past customers’ experience and testimonials. What do they say about their treatment
  • Experience: Know about the experience of the doctor who will be performing your treatment. Has he/she done this before, qualified and reputed for laser treatment? 

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Side effects of laser vary with skin type, hair color, treatment plan and pre-treatment, and post-treatment care.  Most commonly observed laser hair removal side effects include:

  • The skin might appear slightly red immediately after the treatment
  • There might be the appearance of mild bumps around the hair follicles
  • Temporary Colour (Pigment) change in the skin may occur
  • There might be mild irritation in the skin, causing the formation of temporary blisters, dryness or scars

To minimize the side effects and get the best results, some pre-treatment and post-treatment care should be followed. These are:

  1. Avoid Sun-Exposure
    For both before and after the treatment, direct sunlight should be avoided. This is to avoid tanning before the treatment and protect the skin after the treatment. Use good quality SPF at all times for best results.
  2. No Tanning Beds
    Laser Removal is not advised immediately after you have undergone a fake tan. You will be advised to wait until the tan fades for optimum results.
  3. Hair Removal Before Laser
    Waxing or Epilating is not suggested before the treatment. Generally, you will be advised to shave before the day of the treatment, or the doctor might suggest some other technique according to your skin.
  4. Avoid swimming or exposure to harsh chemicals
    Since the skin is little sensitive immediately after the treatment, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals like when in swimming.

As said earlier, these risks vary a lot according to your skin and hair type. It becomes therefore important to contact the right laser hair reduction provider, as they will give you the best advice, pre and post-treatment care tips. They will also be able to clear all doubts you have and enable you to carry out the procedure with more confidence. 

Cost Laser Hair Removal in Nepal

There are a lot of temporary hair removal options available in the market today- shaving, waxing, epilators, etc. Considering all the options, which include a razor that can be brought in the market for as much as fifteen rupees, there is a common myth: Laser hair removal is expensive!

However, when we look at the long term, laser hair removal is the most cost-effective. It not only provides permanent hair removal but is also extremely safe. Moreover, all the hassles and money spent on going to the parlor every two weeks/ razoring every other day- all that time is also saved. And as we know very well, time is money!

Moreover, Laser Hair Removal Cost in Nepal is even lesser compared to the rest of the world. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, it costs $285 on average laser hair removal per person in the US. The costs are somewhat on a similar or higher range in other Western or European countries. The Laser Hair Removal cost is 3 to 4 times lesser in Nepal, ranging from 40$ to 80$ per session (Approx. NRs. 4000 TO NRs. 8000) per session. To know the exact costs of laser hair removal for you, you need to contact the clinic. This is because the costs vary widely.

Some of the factors that determine  total Laser Hair Removal Cost in Nepal:

  • Size of the treatment area 
  • Number of treatments required
  • Quality of the Laser Machine and other Equipment
  • Whether a doctor or someone else is performing the procedure
  • Quality of results and Experience

Clinics often provide better rates when you are doing a complete hair removal package, compared to the rates of individual sessions. Ask for a consultation to get a better idea of the cost for your particular case.At Folliderm, we provide free consultation as well as a free patch test 

However, Nepal offers amazing rates for Laser Hair Removal compared to many countries all over the world, with a similar or even better quality of results. Due to that, Nepal has become a well-preferred place for Laser Treatment by many foreigners. 

Searching for a professional clinic for Laser Hair Removal in Nepal?

Folliderm has been serving the best quality Laser Hair Removal Treatments in Nepal since its inception. Due to our excellence in service and delivery of results, we have been recommended to others and applauded by all our national and international clients. If you too are in a lookout for smooth, hair-free skin, look no more. Here are five reasons we suggest you visit us with pride!

  1. Free Consultation and Pride: We understand that doing a hair laser removal is a big decision for all, especially because the skin is very sensitive. We want all our clients to walk into the treatment with full confidence, and we want to clear all doubts or hesitations for them. That’s why we offer a free consultation, and also a free patch test for our clients.
  2. World’s Fastest, Most Powerful Laser Technology: Folliderm believes in nothing but the best, including our equipment. Our Laser Machine features with Triple Wavelength Diode which makes a huge difference in our results. It’s benefits are:
    –  Covers Large Spot Area, which means faster treatment time
    –  Works equally well for all skin colors and types, including darker tones
    – Works well on all hair types, even on thin hair
    – Virtually Painless
  1. Almost 100% Hair Reduction: Due to the best laser technology, experience, and high skills used, our previous Laser Reduction Treatments have provided almost 100% hair reduction. This means that almost all the hair is gone from your body, permanently!
  1. Luxury with Affordability: What sets us a class apart is not only our unmatched quality of results but also in the way we deliver it. Our highly experienced, trained, and friendly staff will make sure that you have the most pleasant time at our clinic. We provide constant support and assistance to you. Folliderm is equipped with state-of-art infrastructure and amazing cleanliness and hygiene which will make each session feel like a luxury treatment day. We provide all the services at the best rates in Nepal. Along with high-quality results, we provide you an experience of medical Luxury at the heart of Kathmandu at unbelievable prices.
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These are just a few reasons why you should choose Folliderm. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with us over the phone, or visit us to know more and be confident about our services. So what are you waiting for? Choose Laser Hair Removal at Folliderm, choose a hassle-free, smooth-skin life forever!

Do you have any questions regarding Laser Hair Removal in Nepal? Do you want to know more? What topic would you like us to cover next? Let us know in the comment section below and our team will get back to you immediately! For more information visit our page here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this process work for both men and women?

Yes, it works for all genders. Not only that, it works effectively on all body parts, on all skin and hair types.

Is the hair removal permanent?

Yes. The way Lasers work is by targeting the hair at the roots and destroying them. It causes the hair to never grow, or delays the hair growth by a very long time.

Is Laser Hair Removal in Nepal a good option?

Yes. There are sufficient technologies and skilled doctors to carry out the processes in Nepal. It is very affordable as well. However, you need to verify first. You should check if FDA certification is available or not.

Does this process have side effects?

Laser Hair removal is one of the safest procedures. There might be temporary and immediate side-effects after the treatment, such as redness or mild irritation. However if you follow simple instructions like avoiding sun exposure, and other steps as suggested by the doctor, the entire process will be completely safe.

I have tanned / dark skin. Is Laser hair removal suitable for me?

With the advanced technology, Laser works on most skin types. The Laser equipment can be adjusted to match your skin requirements. However, for the best results, it is advised to stay away from the sun both before and after the treatment. It is also advised to wait for the tan to fade if you have undergone any artificial tanning procedure.

Are Lasers painful?

No, the process is not at all painful. Most of the previous users describe it as a slight tingling experience. Numbing creams can be used in most cases to make the process much easier. If you are used to processes like waxing and threading, Laser Hair Removal can be a breeze.

Does Laser Hair Removal work on sensitive skin?

Yes, this process works on most skin types. You can have a patch test done before the actual treatment to determine how effective the process is for you. At Folliderm, we do the patch test for free.