Hair Transplant Process

Hair Transplant Process in Nepal at folliderm or high level clinics in any where in the world involves extracting hair follicles from the donor area and implanting them at the balding site. The transplanted hair is permanently implanted and continue to grow naturally forever. This ‘one-time’ attribute makes the procedure stand out and loved by patients and doctors alike. Hair Transplant process in Nepal is a fairly new concept but Folliderm has years of experience in the field with the best doctors around the world. 


Transplants are possible through 3 techniques, namely:

1.     FUT – Follicular Unit Transplant (Strip method)

FUT is the primitive technique of hair transplant. It is popularly called ‘strip method’ as it involves removing a thin strip of hair from the donor region. This strip is then cut under microscopes into individual ‘grafts’ containing hair roots. These roots are planted on the balding region. The area of scalp from where the strip is taken is sutured and this wound heals in a week or two.

2.     FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction (One by One Removal Method)

The method of extracting grafts is the only thing that marks a difference between FUE and FUT. In FUT, each hair graft is removed from the donor region one by one using fine punches of caliber less than 1mm and is stored for about 3-6 hours in a storage solution. After creating slits these stored grafts are then implanted into the recipient site.

FUE vs FUT Folliderm Hair Transplant Nepal

3.     DHT – Direct Hair Transplant (Most Advanced Method)

DHT is the refined version of FUE. It has eliminated the need for storing grafts, as in DHT extracted grafts are simultaneously implanted to the recipient site. This reduces the “body out time” and thus increases the chances of graft survival to almost 100%.

DHT Folliderm Hair Transplant Nepal

Hair Transplant Process At Folliderm

Folliderm uses DHT technique for most of its transplant procedures as it ensures best natural results. In the Hair Transplant Process, we follow, you can work out an effective plan together with the doctor, considering your future aspirations. Only after you are 110% satisfied and convinced with our services and results can we go forward.

Moreover, under a doctor who has 7 years of successful experience in Direct Hair Transplant procedures, you get a chance to meet the patients who have already gone through the transplant.

Hair Transplant FUT vs FUE vs DHT Folliderm Nepal


What are the frequent questions asked by our patients?

With 1000+ successful Hair Transplant procedures on patients from all around the world and Nepal, we have seen our share of common repeating questions. Please have a look at the frequently asked questions by the patients in case of similar queries.

Also, you can contact our helpline 977-9851110443 for more answers.

Here are some advantages of DHT over FUE and FUT:  
  • Because of immediate transplantation, the transit time of the graft (external environment exposure) is reduced from 5 hours to a few minutes. This improves follicle health and hence, a better outcome!
  • Procedure by DHT technique is shorter by 50% as compared to FUE.
  • Chances of graft survival are almost 100%.

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Yes, results of DHT are better than other techniques. It also gives better client satisfaction.


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Here at Folliderm, we believe that keeping our client comfortable is an essential part of
the procedure. Dr. Pramod uses a combination of oral and local anesthetic which numbs
the scalp so that the client experiences no pain or inconvenience.
Our clients are pleasantly surprised that the procedure is much more
comfortable than expected. Usually, there is no or minimal pain after the procedure. The
clients are also presented with an after-care kit that helps them heal smoothly.


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The Transplanted Hair last forever. And this is the fact that patients really love. With over 1000 successful transplants, Dr. Pramod has witnessed their sighs of relief first hand. Their exceptional results and testimonials are a proof that Hair Transplantation really works.


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At Folliderm, we follow DHT (Direct Hair Transplantation) which is the latest technology in the field of transplants.

It comes with several benefits:
  Minimal pain
  100% graft survival rate
  Minimum downtime
  No perceptible scars
  Natural Appearance


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Hair transplantation is a surgical technique while hair replacement is a non-surgical one. The cost of hair replacement is much more in the long term because it requires frequent maintenance.

And on the flip side, hair transplantation offers a permanent solution to the problem of balding.


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Depending on the size of the session, the procedure may take 4-5 hours for the smallest case and up to 8-10 hours for the largest case.


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Hair transplants don’t involve the use of adhesives. It is a permanent procedure in which hair grows back naturally.

Adhesives are used in temporary hair replacement techniques.


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    A majority of women facing hair loss, experience thinning hair all over rather than the patterned hair loss in men. This means that while women face diffused hair loss, hair loss in men is localized to the front and top of the scalp.


    Diffuse thinning presents 2 problems for a potential hair transplant candidate:

    1st – There is no permanent area where the hair can be taken from. If hair is taken from an area that is thinning, the transplanted hair will continue to thin even after the procedure. Just moving these hair does not make it permanent.

    2nd – The second problem is that since the areas to be transplanted are thin, rather than completely bald, the existing hair in the area of the hair transplant is at some risk to shedding as a result of the procedure.


    This does not mean women should not go for a Hair Transplant. When women have a more defined pattern i.e. more localized thinning on the front part of the scalp with a stable back and sides, then they can make an excellent candidate for the procedure.

    Women are advised for a proper consultation with the doctors before going for the procedure.



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    In the latest technique (DHT) we follow, there is no need to store the grafts. They are implanted directly. It helps in –

    • reducing body out time and thus ensures 100% graft survival rate.
    • avoiding any chemical damage to the grafts because of storage.


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    The answer is a disappointing no. As the effects of medical therapy are confined to areas of the scalp that are thinning, but where there is still some hair present. It does not seem to grow hair in completely bald areas.

    Therefore, the major benefit of medical therapy seems to be in its ability to slow down or halt hair loss, or regrow hair in parts of the scalp, where the hair is thin.


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    Yes, Dr. Pramod has improved many unsatisfactory procedure results from procedures performed elsewhere.

    He has extensive experience improving the “plugged” look, inappropriate frontal hairlines, and revising multiple or thickened donor scars.

    You can consult with Dr. Pramod to improve your previous hair transplantation results and boost your self-esteem. Click here to view Dr. Pramod’s improvements upon unsuccessful hair transplantations.


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    All hair transplant centers are not created equal! Achieving a natural look with hair transplantation requires artistic talents as well as meticulous surgical skills. The experience of the dermatologist and the technical staff is critical when choosing a center for your transplant.

         So, the key to finding the best Transplant Surgeon is taking the time to research his and his technicians’ experience.


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    1. Liam Walsh November 27, 2019 at 9:52 am

      Hi, I am a 40 year old British man but currently living in Kathmandu. I am not completely bald but have the balding arches at the front on both sides.

      I would like to know more about the cost of the treatment.

    2. Romi December 16, 2019 at 1:48 pm

      I am 58 years old Nepali & my hair up front is 70-80% balding. Is it possible to get the DHT SERVICES? I possess little bit of fungus & bits of sugar
      I would appreciate cost price & good suggestions

      1. Ullekh Niraula January 13, 2020 at 5:26 am

        Hi Romi, You can get a free Consultation from our senior doctor by calling in this number 985-1110443. Please feel free to ask any kind of queries.

      2. Folliderm January 13, 2020 at 10:21 am

        you can also share your contact details with us ,sir .

        1. Ullekh Niraula February 5, 2020 at 6:45 am

          Hello Ms. Romi, you can contact us using the number +977985-1110443

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