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Here are 5 reasons why hair transplant is the best opinion.

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As we age with the flow of time and increase exposure to changing climate, sun, and pollutants, our body is affected heavily. The first changes are seen in the outer look of a person. Our Skin and Hair is affected the most. Sometimes the factor may be natural for receding hairline or aging skin while other times it may be due to pollutants or low care.

Your hair may have a rough texture, start to fall drastically or there may be visible signs of aging in your skin. Hair fall is one of the common problems many men face and are concerned about. The most common cause of hair loss is Androgenetic Alopecia. In Androgenetic alopecia, hair gradually becomes thin and short because of hair root damage caused by a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

We provide the best solution for your hair fall problems with the best hair treatment and transplant service in Nepal.

Know All About Hair Loss – Causes, Prevention, and Cure Technique

Hair Transplant Service at Folliderm

Hair Transplantation is an efficient and permanent solution to hair loss which requires the extraction of hair follicles from rich areas (donor area) to the balding region(recipient). Usually, the hair is taken from the peripheral area with resistance to hair loss.

The Hair Transplant procedure requires minimal surgical incisions and has proven effective in treating rapid balding.

There are three main techniques for hair transplants, each with their own features and benefit. The three major hair transplant techniques used in Nepal are:

1. Follicular Unit Transplant – FUT

FUT also is known as strip method takes an entire strip of hair tissue from the donor area and cut under a microscope into rooted grafts. These roots are planted in the balding region. The donor region of the scalp is sutured with wounds that use stitches causing a visible scar. It is a moderately painful process and takes 7-30 days to heal. FUT is one of the traditional techniques used for hair transplants in Nepal and is less common since it causes scarring, pain, and longer time to recovery.

2. Follicular Unit Extraction – FUE

FUE technique also called one-by-one removal method is a more delicate and intricate technique where fine punches of caliber are used to harvest individual grafts from the donor area. The grafts are then stored in a solution for 3-6 hrs. The stored grafts are then transplanted into slits made into balding regions. The donor area is not scarred and heals within days. Since the extraction and implantation process is not simultaneous, the grafts are kept out of the body for a longer time, which means nearly 6-20%% of grafts may die in FUEin the FUE hair transplant process.  Higher time for implantation which leads to graft death is one of the major drawbacks of FUE Hair Transplant.

3. Direct Hair Transplant – DHT

Direct Hair Transplant is the modified and improved version of the FUE technique. The process is direct in the sense that the grafts are not stored, rather harvested from the donor area and transplanted to slits in the balding region, simultaneously.  The direct hair transplant technique helps to ensure that almost 100% of grafts survive.

DHT is a painless technique with no perceptible scars and minimum to no chemical or thermal damage to the grafts.

We at Folliderm provide the most advanced DHT technique in Nepal as it gives the best result and experience for our clients.

Why Direct Hair Transplant Technique is the best technique?

Direct Hair Transplant Technique has developed as the most preferred technique by doctors and customers since it overcomes the shortcoming of FUE and FUT technique. It has increased the efficiency of the overall process and made Hair Transplant less hectic or surgical.

  • Almost 100% Graft Survival due to simultaneous extraction and implantation.
  • No Stitches, No Scarring, No Pain
  • Faster Transplantation time since two or more doctors can extract and implant the grafts which reduce the overall procedure time by 30-50%
  • Faster Recovery: You can return to normal activities the very next day
  • Natural Hairline and Flowing Hair

Other Hair Transplant Service By Folliderm:

1. Hair Repair & Therapy:

Problems of hair fall like hair thinning, dry, rough, and broken hair can be treated with different therapies such as Mesotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) and, Lower Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). Therapies work by stimulating the present hair follicles but are not a solution to bring back the lost hair. This makes their effectiveness limited in cases of extreme hair loss.

2. Facial Hair Transplant:

Facial hair transplant is a procedure generally done on the men who suffer from spotty or patchy loss of hair from goatee, other parts of the beard, sideburns or mustache.

It is becoming increasingly popular due to its effectiveness, advancement, and Safety. Beard Transplant requires taking hair from the chin or back of the scalp which is then grafted into the patchy spots of the facial area. The first transplant usually falls away within 3 weeks but regrows within the set time frame. The facial hair transplant differs from hair transplant since the follicles and grafts are different in shape and nature which requires a small incision, different distribution of grafts, and planned creation of recipient site.

Know about hair transplant cost in Nepal.

Why Choosing Folliderm is Right Opinion for Hair Transplant in Nepal?

The skill, precision, detail, and experience it requires- Hair Transplant is nothing less than an art. And, to top it off combining art with the latest technology helps us to enhance the results we achieve.

1. Dedicated Team of Doctors :

A surgical process is intricate and requires delicate handling from experts. At Folliderm, any treatment is administered by a group of doctors rather than technicians. This helps us achieve the best results for our customers with a natural-looking hairline and dense hair. Our team of doctors dedicated to your service allows us to provide you the best hair treatment in Nepal. With our team of some of the greatest Hair Transplant Experts in Nepal, say goodbye to hair loss!

2. Sophisticated Technology:

Technology is efficient and systematic, thus we leverage the best technology available to provide you the best service in Nepal. At Folliderm, we provide you the Most Advanced Direct Hair Transplant(DHT) technique in Nepal. DHT is the latest scientific technique of Hair Transplant that is: Comfortable, Quicker, and More efficient than other Hair Transplant Techniques.

We use specially patented implants for No Root Handling that reduces the crushing of grafts during transplantation. For each client, the hairline requirement is different so we try our best to mimic the most natural-looking hairline. We define the layout, extract, and implant the grafts with extreme precaution.

3. Clean and Managed Infrastructure:

We believe Hair Transplant should be a comfortable experience. Folliderm is situated in Baluwatar, Kathmandu with its own operational area. Our infrastructures are clean and well managed. We take special attention to the overall hygiene to stop germs from spreading. Our world-class facilities and state-of-art infrastructures are catered to your satisfaction. We make no compromise in the quality and you will feel relaxed and comfortable at the Folliderm ambiance.

4. Customer Experience :

The Services at Folliderm is catered for utmost customer satisfaction. Thus, we understand that any procedure or treatment you undergo is part of a journey. We try to be your partner from the beginning till the end. Our journey starts with a free consultation you can have as per your need. We understand you and your needs and guide you for the most efficient solution suitable for you.  During the treatment, we understand the artistic, medical, and technical implications to facilitate your best service in Nepal. After you have had a hair transplant, you can constantly be in touch with our doctors.

Do You Think Hair Transplant Process can be a wonderful experience?

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It’s a very common myth that hair Transplant is a very painful procedure. Allow us to prove that myth wrong at Folliderm. We make sure that the entire experience is extremely comfortable and luxurious without compromising on any quality. With Friendly staff, State-Of-Art infrastructures, Healthy, and Homely ambiance, we ensure that Hair Transplant is as relaxed as possible!

What Our Customers Say About Us :

A great hair transplant means you will have dense hair with a natural-looking appearance like hair transplant has not been done at all, and no one can even tell!

Folliderm is pleased to have been serving our clients and keeping them satisfied with excellent results and care. If you too are worried about your hair loss, we invite you to visit our clinic, and we assure you that you never have to worry about your hair after that!

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Actual Results of Hair Transplant Repair:

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