Do I need a Hair Transplant?

Hair Loss is common but the scale of loss may vary. Also, it may be experienced by people of any age group. Children and Women are also prone to hair loss.

Our hair is constantly falling and growing. Finding a strand or two in your comb and clothes is common but when you find hair in every stroke of your hand to the head and that your scalp starts to be visible within the hair then you may be experiencing rapid hair loss.

The signs may start from an early age while the loss may be evident from your early 20s and is significant as you approach and cross your 30s. The rate of hair loss only goes on increasing until you are eventually left with balding areas on your head.

Since hair loss cannot be stopped at all, how can you revert the process?

There are 3 basic methodologies through which hair loss can be tackled. They are :

  • Use of Medications that inhibit the hormone causing hair loss
  • Hair loss therapies that stimulate and strengthen your follicles
  • Hair Transplant that transfers hair from luxuriant areas to balding areas

Of the three distinct methods to fight hair loss, medications and hair loss therapies are usually considered a temporary solution as they do not completely stop the hair loss but rather control the rate of hair loss and improve the rate of hair growth.

Hair transplant is a permanent solution to hair fall and uses sophisticated technology to revive your natural-looking hairline and dense hair with the transfer of hair grafts from rich areas to balding areas.

We understand that getting a hair transplant is a significant decision for most of our customers.
Even if you are seeing the signs of hair fall and looking for a solution, it takes a while until you consider a hair transplant.

What should you consider before a hair transplant?

You need to be convinced that the results you will achieve are worth the cost of the hair transplant you have invested.

Here are some factors that you need to take in consideration before you opt for a hair transplant.

1. Genes and Heredity:

Most of the time, hair loss can be traced back to family history. If any of your close relatives,
father, grandfather suffered from hair loss, you will probably experience a similar balding pattern. However, this does not mean that you will definitely undergo balding. But, the extent of hair loss, the rate of loss and ultimate hairline possibilities can be predicted from Genetics. Even your mother’s side of the gene pool has an influence on whether you will experience hair fall or not. This can help you gauge if you should opt for a hair transplant or not.

Learn more about the different causes of hair fall:

2. Age:

Age is one of the determinant factors if you are considering a hair transplant. Usually, hairlines mature in late teens or early twenties so don’t hurry up a hair transplant until your hairline matures. Baldness is progressive and early transplants y cause in irregular and unnatural hairline. However, you can opt for a hair transplant for more dense hair. If you are above 30 and your hair fall is seriously bothering you and your confidence then hair transplant will do magic for you.

Balding may start as early as age 15 with a simple hair loss that may evolve to receding hairline.
Recognizing the signs early on and working on it can help you cope up with the rate
of hair loss.

3. Hair loss Rate :

Before you go for a hair transplant, you can undergo a test of miniaturization, the rate at which
your hairline is thinning or receding. Then, the doctors can suggest to you accordingly which treatment course to adopt. If your rate of balding is normal then you probably do not have to go for a hair transplant but just take care of your lifestyle, diet and provide extra attention to your hair health. Mild Balding Maybe recovered by a single surgery while moderate and advanced balding often require multiple surgeries.

A high balding rate may mean a full head of hair is hard to achieve but definitely, you can have the next best thing: full head with the natural-looking hairline.

4. Previous Treatments

Are You Tired of constant hair loss? Have You Tried different ways of hair treatment to prevent your hair loss? Are You using any medication? Have You Tried Natural Methods? If nothing seems to work for you (which generally does not, since balding is progressive), then it’s probably time you opt for a hair transplant in Nepal.

If you are wondering that hair transplant is a viable option for you or not, read below to know more:
Why Everyone is Opting For a Hair Transplant and You Should Too.

5. Ready for Investment:

Hair Transplant is an investment you make for yourself. It is a significant and life-changing decision, an efficient solution to hair fall problems. The cost of a hair transplant is determined by different factors including the stage of hair loss, the number of grafts required, hair transplant
center, the technique of hair transplant, skill of the doctor and other facilities.

The cost of DHT is usually higher than the cost of FUE hair transplant but is more effective. At Folliderm we provide the most advanced DHT in Nepal.

If you have questions regarding, what you are paying for hair transplant cost in Nepal, then read What I am Paying for Hair Transplant in Nepal.

6. Health &. Donor Area

A sound health condition means that you will have a speedy recovery and most of the hair grafts will survive. If you have any blood clotting problems, then you need to take extra caution before you opt for a hair transplant.

Similarly, the donor area from which you will transplant need to be healthy with a high number of quality grafts. This determines the quality of surgical planning. It is necessary to identify an appropriate donor area first.

7. Availability of Experts :

You may have already decided that a hair transplant is the best solution for you. However, it is not enough. Hair Transplant uses sophisticated technology and requires careful handling of the equipment and transplant process from the hands of an expert. There are various hair transplant clinics in Nepal but Not all clinics can provide the best results you will be satisfied with. You need to recognize the team of experts that understand your desire and gives you worth your hair transplant cost.

At Folliderm, we have a dedicated team of doctors and experts that handle the transplant process rather than a technical person. We have already had 1500+ satisfied clients who are rocking a dense hair with a natural hairline after the hair transplant at Folliderm.

Hair Transplant is a permanent solution and before getting a hair transplant you need to be sure of the expectation you have from a hair transplant.

Consult with a hair transplant expert at Folliderm if you are considering a hair transplant.