Many people have unwanted hair. It’s common on the upper lip, chin, cheeks, back, legs, fingers, feet, and toes. Thankfully, dueThankfully due to technology to the technology, we can now choose to get rid of them in the most convenient way.
Laser hair removal has become very popular among people of all genders and ages. Since it removes hair from the root itself, resulting in a smooth finish. It also lasts the longest! When done from an expert, it can be a cost-effective, pain-free and safe procedure.

To many people’s surprise, winter is actually the best time to get a laser hair removal done. People generally get rid of hair to be free of hassles and wear clothes according to their wishes in the summer. However, wintertime can actually be the most favorable time to get hair removal done. In fact, the time from October to April is also known as the laser hair removal season. Let’s see why it is so. 

Why is winter the best time for Laser?

  1. Skin can be prevented from sun exposure

    Minimizing skin exposure to the sun is essential both before and after laser treatment. Pre-treatment, tanning is not advised to increase the accuracy of the treatment. It is generally advised that you avoid the sun at least two to four weeks before the process. During the winters, we are naturally protected from the sun, so the task is already almost complete.

    The skin also tends to become a little more sensitive than usual after the laser removal. Staying away from direct sunlight for long periods of time is essential. Otherwise, there could be chances of hyperpigmentation or spotting.

  2. It is easier to avoid Perspiration and Swimming pools

    Although laser hair removal can be performed all year round, there are certain reasons that make winters more practical and easier.  Skin is slightly more sensitive after the treatment, it is strongly advised to stay from chemicals, like the ones found in swimming pools or spa treatments. If you’re a pool person it would definitely be a better idea to do lasers in winter than say no to your favorite activity.

    It is also best to keep yourself away from excessive sweat to increase the effectiveness of the treatment, which is much more easier in winter than in summer when just stepping out in the sun can leave you drenched.

  3. You can stay covered up in the winters

    Once you have received the treatment, the hair can take up to two weeks to fall out completely. And you cannot choose other hair fall removal methods during the process like waxing or shaving.  Since you are naturally covered during the winters, there’s a lot less to worry about.

  4. By the time summer comes, you will be completely hair-free

    The best results take patience. It is the same with laser hair removal. Laser hair removal targets active hair follicles only. However, our body hair keeps growing in phases or cycles. To ensure that all hair is removed permanently, it might take a few sessions to target all hair in each stage. This is usually stretched out in intervals of a few months. Generally, permanent results can be seen after a series of three to six laser hair removal treatments, with each session spaced four to six weeks apart. This way, you will be completely hair-free by the time summer comes and enjoy relaxing times for the rest of your summers after.  

  5. Process before hair removal is easier in the winters

    To perform laser hair removal, some hair is required on the surface to begin with. Shaving one to two days prior to the laser hair removal is advisable, as shaving leaves little hair above the skin surface which can be easily targeted by the laser. This also means that laser hair removal cannot be performed in w waxed skin or skin where other methods like depilatory cream have been used. To avoid this from abrupting our day to day activities, since we generally tend to skip hair removal in winters, this season is much more convenient. 

Laser Hair removal is a comfortable and safe process of hair removal that yields the best results. Although the treatment can be performed all year round, winter is the favorite of a favorite time of many because it is much easier and practical that way!

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