Have You Considered a Hair Transplant? Having confusion about where and how you should get the transplant done? Are you looking for the best hair transplant clinic in Nepal? 

Before you go also explore about Hair transplant in Nepal.

A hair transplant is a big and meaningful experience that can transform your life. And your investment should be on nothing but the best. 

Let us guide you through your confusion and help you choose a hair transplant that’s best for you, right here in Nepal.

Tips to Find the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Nepal 

1. Do they offer a consultation before treatment?

Make sure that you are actually being evaluated by the doctor – the one who will be performing your actual surgery – and not a salesman or “medical counselor”. Although it is fine for a non-physician to answer general questions, your examination should be conducted by the doctor and he or she should be the one to make all treatment recommendations.

The fact that they provide a consultation before the treatment denotes that they are confident in whatever they do, and also truly care for you. The better the consultation, the better their treatment, and your results will be.  

At Folliderm, we provide a free consultation with our hair transplant doctor to help eliminate all hesitations and enable you to step into the transplant journey with maximum confidence. [If you are unaware about Folliderm then for your kind information Folliderm is a well-reputed Kathmandu based hair transplant clinic in Nepal]

2. Are they professionals with proven experience?

It’s better to fact-check all the credentials before choosing a clinic. Experience, certification, and the background of doctors are all facts you shouldn’t miss to look into. Hair Transplant is like an art that ages finely with practice, so it also gets to know where and how they’ve worked before. 

 3. Is there any Contract?

Contracts are the best way to identify and escape a scam or fraud. Choose an option in which you are offered everything you are promised in a contract. This is necessary so that you do not have to go through any unpleasant “surprises” afterward. 

For Example, maybe the post-treatment sessions might not be covered in the total cost according to the contract. A documented contract of different parts of the entire process should be there. Reading such a contract properly is also important on your part.

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4. Do they say “100% Guarantee”? That might not be a good sign!

Do not get lured by the clinics that offer a guarantee on results because laws of any country prohibit a doctor to give guarantee on any treatment outcome. So proper research about the doctor and the clinic is the best you can do and in the end, it is the trust between a doctor and patient which actually matters.

5. Are the medications certified?

Hair Transplants are often accompanied by medications. The transplant process also generally involves anesthetics, etc. It’s important to check if those are clinically approved or not. No money is greater than your health, so also note if the clinic tries to lure you into cheaper medications that might not be certified and/or risky.

At Folliderm, for example, we only use medications that are FDA approved and are absolutely safe.

6. Do they offer the treatment you need?

All hair fall or hair loss is not equal. Depending on the cause, severity, and type of hair fall, different types of treatment might be required. The clinic should provide a personalized plan for you.

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A good clinic also conducts checks for different health conditions, as well as other health checks, so that the treatment is safe and yields the best result for you.

7. Does the clinic specialize in any treatment?

If a clinic claims to specialize in any form of treatment, it generally denotes that they offer the best treatments at it. They could even be the leaders of that technology.

Folliderm, for example, takes pride in being the leader of Direct Hair Transplant technology in Nepal. This treatment also is one of the best-known hair transplant techniques known to science yet.

8. Who will be doing your transplant?

This is one more important thing to note. There might also be some clinics in the market that advertise good doctors, but the process might be carried out by someone less experienced than that. So before you finalize your clinic, ask them who will be in charge of doing the entire process. And whether the person they claim to have expertise will be there during your treatment or not.

9. Does the doctor have a good supporting team?

A hair transplant is not a one man’s job. For the maximum efficiency and good results, 9-10 skilled technicians are present during the treatment. So you should inquire about how many people will be responsible for your treatment, and whether those people have adequate knowledge and required skills for completing the task successfully.

10. Are their technologies and equipment advanced?

In this world of science and technology, things get better every day. Old technologies and equipment usually mean more time, more hassle. Inquire whether the clinic provides the latest options available in the market. Hair Transplant is a big investment, so it’s crucial for you to reap the best results out of it. It’s even better if the clinic is willing to brief you through the advantages and unique features of the techniques- transparency is the key.

11. Do they have before/after pictures?

Previous results are a good indicator of the expertise of the clinic. Ask for the results of their previous treatments. Video credentials or personal referrals/recommendations are even better. You should also examine and cross-check properly so that the pictures are not manipulated or fake. Some clinics might also claim about client privacy issues. In that case, as well, you should make sure to ask for some other source of proof, as this is very important.

You should also have good judgment of what a good hair transplant and what a bad hair transplant looks like so that you can review the results well. 

Some tips on what a bad hair transplant looks like are here.

12. Does the clinic have a good infrastructure?

A hair transplant means a few visits to the clinic. And the entire process will need you to be there for quite some time. Good infrastructure is essential for your comfort, hygiene as well as a relaxed state of mind. Good Hospitality is usually a sign of a good clinic. 

Did you know? At Folliderm, you can listen to your own choice of music, and even watch some movies during the hair transplant at Folliderm!

13. Are you given an opportunity to meet clients who have undergone the treatment at the clinic?

A well-reputed clinic will always offer you to meet clients who have availed the services from them. In today’s time when almost all clinics claim to have “best before-after results”, “natural results”, and guaranteed results” – this is a big standout factor. You will also get to know about the details and processes from someone who has actually gone through that experience. 

We hope that this helped you with some of your doubts. We will be coming with a new blog on the kind of questions you should ask your doctor in consultation before a hair transplant. So, Stay tuned for that!

For more queries, you can visit our clinic, or call us to book a consultation absolutely free of cost. 

Folliderm takes pride in being the leader of Direct Hair Transplant in Nepal. Our past record of successful results, innovation in technique, and dedication are what set us apart. We would also like to thank all our well-wishers, supporters, and previous clients for their continued support. 

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