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Direct Hair Transplantation Process


The personal consultation is the very first step we follow to make your hair transplant smooth, uncomplicated and thus successful. The concerned doctor will personally examine your problems and analyze your medical history. The suggested procedure and recommendations are all based on this examination.

You will have plenty of time to explain your perspective to the doctor

regarding your aspirations. Please feel free to clear all your doubts and queries during the consultation process.


Once you are satisfied with the consultation you get, the date for your surgery is finalized.

DHT is actually, the most advanced technique in the field of Hair Transplantation. It involves simultaneous extraction and implantation of hair follicles. It ensures 100% graft survival rate with minimal pain.

Hair Transplantation is a long process, lasting several hours. But since the surgery is not a tedious one, you would be provided with timely refreshment breaks.


At Folliderm, our relationship with patients does not end with the hair transplant. The care to be taken after the procedure is also our responsibility.

A healthy Doctor-Patient communication is our goal. We are committed towards FREE post-procedure consultations. You can leverage these by easily connecting with your concerned doctors in case of any queries.  

Our constant post-procedure support and experience assure the very best of results. For outstation clients, Folliderm also facilitates online help for direct communication with the treating doctor.

Patient Testimonials

I frequently travel around the world for live stage performances. But was always disappointed with my look because of baldness and it was somehow influencing my performance. Actually, the bald area was huge and I was skeptical if it could be covered adequately without hampering the look of my donor area. I met many doctors around the world and finally chose Dr. Pramod as my surgeon. He gave me a chance to meet his clients who underwent hair transplant for advanced baldness. Finally, I was convinced and got the procedure done. I am very happy with the results. Thank you, Dr. Pramod and the team.

Imtiaz Khan

Entrepreneur, Ghazal singer and writer
I am from Kashmir and I am a Pashmina trader in Kathmandu. I underwent my first hair transplant in India but had horrible outcome of that procedure. The density was very less and the hairline was also unnatural. I used to hide this result by wearing a cap. I had lost all my faith in hair transplants but was very much influenced by my baldness and unnatural result. When I met Dr. Pramod, he showed me photographs and videos of many clients who underwent revision procedure with him after a botched up transplant elsewhere. It took some time, but finally, I got repair work done by Dr. Pramod. Six months after the procedure, I have just one message for everyone “Not all hair transplants are same, and hair transplant is 100% successful in good hands”.

Tariq Gojwari

Businessman (Handicraft Products)
I belong to a remote area of Nepal. I did not have much idea about hair transplantation but I knew there are ways to treat baldness. So, I planned a visit to Dr. Pramod Agrawal. My first consultation was so informative that I had a very clear picture of all the options to treat baldness. I got a chance to see the live procedure and meeting old clients of Dr. Pramod. I was given enough time to make my decision and I also did my own part of research. Finally, I got the procedure done by Dr. Pramod and 6 months after the procedure I am myself amazed to see the transformation. The result is 100 % natural. Nobody can even make out that I had undergone hair transplantation.

Suk Bahadur Buda

Businessman (Medicinal plants)
I visited Nepal for business purpose. I was thinking to get a hair transplant done from quite a long time. Here I came to know about Dr. Pramod Agrawal. Though initially, I was doubtful to get the transplant done in Nepal, but after looking at Dr. Pramod’s previous cases and experience... I totally got convinced! Since full blown results are seen in 6-12 months period, so initial few months were worrisome. But 6 months after my transplant, I can say that I took a very good decision.

Max Schuppert

Entrepreneur and Creative Designer, Netherlands
I started losing hair at very young age and it progressed rapidly involving almost whole of my scalp. My baldness had a huge impact on my day to day activities. When I met Dr. Pramod during my consultation, he was very honest in terms of his deliverables. He explained me all the pros and cons of various techniques and also the maximum possible outcome that could be achieved considering the advance baldness and limited donor area I had. I went for my hair transplantation and it has been one year and I know what I have gained with this. Extremely satisfied with the procedure, I can’t ask for more. Thank you so much, Dr. Pramod.

Rohit Kumar Gupta


The Team

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